Mauli & Abhijeet Panchal
Victoria, Australia

Dr. Aniruddh and Amar Shah are very knowledgeable and supportive.

They successfully operated on my son for a an uncommon congenital cyst with minimal invasion.

Both Doctor and hospital staff are very caring and... Read More

Rozina & Rafik Chunara
Congo, Africa

Amardeep Multi-Specialty Children’s Hospital & Research Center Ahmedabad:

Dear Dr. Amar Shah and Dr. Anirudh Shah,

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the exceptional care and successful surgery you performed on our baby boy... Read More

G. Packiaraj
Madurai, Tamilnadu
It is being 3 years we are doing follow up with Amardeep Children Hospital.
My son was born in Madurai (our native place) and had serious urological problem from his... Read More
Eltone & Sarah Makaliki
Lusaka, Zambia
We would like to extend a special thank you to, Dr Amar Shah, Dr. Anirudh Shah, Dr. Beena Shah and the entire team at Amaardeep Children Hospital for your exemplary care and service to us.
... Read More
Jalpesh Pandya
Junagadh, Gujarat


I am parent of Rudra Pandya.

My son is 3year old he was suffering from very high fever and brochogenic cryst.

We visited to many doctors finally we meet our GOD Doctor Anirudh... Read More

Harsh Kadia
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Dear Dr. Amar Shah and Dr. Anirudh Shah,

First of all I would like to be very much thankful to you and your Medical team and whole staff of Amardeep hospital for providing the... Read More

Kamlesh & Rekha Vaishnav
Udaipur, Rajasthan

अमरदीप मल्टी स्पेशलिटी चिल्ड्रन हॉस्पिटल या रिसर्च सेंटर अहमदाबाद

आदरणीय डॉक्टर अनिरुद्ध शाह और डॉक्टर अमर शाह, बच्चों के लिए सबसे अच्छा अस्पताल है |

बच्चों के लिए सबसे अच्छे डॉक्टर अनिरुद्ध व डॉक्टर... Read More

Madhav Dodiya
Bhavnagar, Gujarat


Madhav Dodiya

Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Mahendra Parmar

Dear Sir,
First of all I would like to be very much thankful to you and your Medical team and whole staff of Amardeep hospital for providing the best and perfect medical treatment... Read More

Manisha Parmar

Best doctor for Kids.

Dr Amar Shah had saved our daughter’s life.

In panic situation the kids like his visits.

Hospital staff is very polite and humble.

Hospital premise is very clean and hygienic.

... Read More
Spandan Chauhan
Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Dear Sir,
I would like to express my greetings and congratulations to the great Amardeep Children Hospital for their distinct and Unique medical care and services.
... Read More
Ronak and Aarti Bhagat
Bhavnagar, Gujarat
અમે અમરદીપ હોસ્પિટલ ના ખૂબ જ આભારી છીએ
ડોક્ટર અનિરુદ્ધ સર તથા ડોક્ટર અમર સર તમારો ખૂબ જ આભાર.
અમારો પુત્ર શિવમ જે માત્ર 25 દિવસ નો... Read More
Manish and Ramila Vaghela
Ahmedabad, India

Dear Sir,

I am Aniha’s father.  I had admitted my 1 year daughter in your hospital and my experience was so good and doctor did a great job.

Your facilities, and especially your amazing... Read More

Amit & Komal Rathod
Bhavnagar, Gujarat

I am Amit Rathod and would like to share my experience regarding Amardeep Hospital.

I am the father of a 1 month old boy Brijraj Rathod. He was suffering from Hirschsprung’s disease. When we... Read More

Devansh Dave
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Dear Dr Amar shah and Dr Anirudh Shah

We would like to express our gratitude for the treatment of my son at your hospital on 15/6/2021

Before coming to Amardeep Hospital my son (Shivin,... Read More

Packiaraj Ganapathi
Madurai, Tamilnadu

First of all we are thankful to Dr. Amar Shah for the finite surgery done for my child who had a complex urological problem which gave a  life long solution to the problem.

At... Read More

Nikunj Gediya
Ahmedabad, Gujarat


મારા બાળક ને કરોડ રજ્જુ પાછળ ગાંઠ હતી.

(My child had a swelling behind his spine)

ઓપરેશન પહેલા: (Before Operation)

ડૉ. અમર શાહ ની વિઝીટ લેતા પહેલા ઘણા ડોક્ટર ની મુલાકાત લીધી હતી... Read More

Alex & Jacqualine Ambrose
Anand, Gujarat

Dear sir,

We had an excellent experience at Amardeep Children Hospital. We came here for our 1.5 years old daughter’s stone removal surgery. We got reference of this hospital from our pediatrician Dr. Biren... Read More
Suhas & Anshu Aathreya
Bangalore, India

Happy Doctors’ Day and thank you for saving our son!!

We thank God & Our Param Pujya Gurudev “Chandrabhanu Bhattacharya” and mainly the hands of God- “Dr. Amar Shah and Dr. Anirudh Shah” for... Read More

Mira & Akash Magiya
Bhavnagar, India

Dear Dr Amar Shah and Anirudh Shah,


I am writing this to express my gratitude for the treatment of my son received at your hospital on 12/06/20.

Going through the childbirth is a... Read More

Paresh & Nishita Thawani
Ahmedabad, India

Dr. Amar Shah,

We would like to express our gratitude towards the Surgery done for our son under your supervision. Before coming to AMARDEEP Hospital, ANSH was suffering for almost 7 days but we... Read More

Shashi Bhushan
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Respected Dr. Anirudh Shah & Dr.  Amar Shah

We would like to say a big thank to you for providing the best treatment to my 6 years old son for Gall bladder stone surgery.

... Read More
Dharmesh Makwana
Bhavnagar, Gujarat

A patient’s testimonial is less of a recognition of a doctor’s professional expertise and more of a recommendation of a doctor’s ability to listen, care and heal.

I can vouch for the fact that... Read More

Jaimin Shah
Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Respected Dr. Anirudh Sir and Dr. Amar Sir,

My 3 year old son was diagnosed with pneumonia. He was a patient at another well known hospital, but we started experiencing consistent problems there.  He... Read More

Prashant Sharma
Dahod, Gujarat
Respected Dr Sir
 Thank you for your tremendous skill in performing operation of my new born baby of 19 days. She had a blocked kidney. Your talent and caring manner... Read More
Ravi & Neha Kashyap
Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Amardeep Children Hospital – A Synonym of ‘ Dedication + Discipline + Determination ‘

A big thanks to Dr. Anirudh Shah and Dr. Amar Shah..

It is always difficult to search a good doctor…... Read More

Carol Milambo & M. Mufana

This is a story of how google search, coupled with faith, led us to Amardeep Children’s Hospital (ACH) for Hirschprungs’ disease treatment for our 2 years old son Munza.

Having struggled with chronic constipation... Read More

Kamaljeet & Saroj Sharma

Today we are happy to see our 5 month old son Vakul pass urine normally for the first time since he was born.

We live in Tanzania and our son was born with posterior... Read More

Govinda Rajulu K

Dear Dr. Anirudh & Amar Shah,

My opinion about Amardeep Multispeciality Children Hospital & Research Centre

  • Go with Sigh of Relief and Happiness.
  • It is a Heaven to Kids & Parents.
  • Systematic and... Read More
Mitesh & Akanxa Farmer

Dear Dr. Anirudh Shah, Dr. Amar Shah and Amardeep Hospital Team,

We would like to sincerely thank you... Read More

Khalid Salim Bukhait & Thikra Bukhait
Mombasa, Kenya

Words cannot begin to thank you for all that you did for us. The care that we received from you all was amazing. You made us feel comfortable during a time that was pretty... Read More

Nihar & Nimisha Dutta

“A very positive experience! Highly recommended for pediatric Surgery “

We want to appreciate the Amardeep Multi-specialty Children Hospital Family, for the support they accorded us for our son’s treatment and the hospitality... Read More

Satyaprakash Tiwari

Dear Dr. Amar Shah and Dr. Anirudh Shah,

We would like to say a big thank you for providing the best treatment for the disease of diaphragmatic hernia in my newborn boy at... Read More

Jasmin Mehta

Dear Dr. Amar Shah & Dr. Anirudh Shah,

We would like to thank you for successfully operating my son who is just 9 months old and was suffering from Supra Umbilical Hernia. Our experience... Read More

Amit Dhorajiya

Hello, I am Amit Dhorajiya, and would like to share my experience regarding Amardeep Hospital.

I am father of 1.5 months old baby girl Veera Dhorajiya, she was suffering from Hirschsprung disease.

When we... Read More

Bhavik & Dipti Shastri

When I came to Amardeep Children’s hospital, I was tensed up as to what will happen especially hoping that the diagnosis of my 2.5 years old daughter’s ailment should be accurate. We felt that... Read More

Ashish Shah

Respected Dr. Amar Shah and Dr. Anirudh Shah,

At an outset we take this opportunity to be grateful to you and your entire staff including the cleaning staff to be very kind, helpful and... Read More

Akash Shah

Would like to share my experience at Amardeep Hospital.

Getting your 1.5 year old child operated is always a difficult choice, as you want to be sure about your decision of selecting the doctor and... Read More

Nirav Gandhi
Abu Dhabi

Dear Dr. Amar and Dr. Anirudh,

My daughter Nivanshi Gandhi was diagnosed with a choledochal cyst in the beginning July, 2015. We have got your reference from our family and friends and further consulted... Read More

B.N. Sharma

We would like to thank Dr Anirudh Shah and Dr Amar Shah for successfully operating my daughter’s supra-umbilical hernia. On February 12th 2015 we were blessed with twins, a baby boy and a baby... Read More

Cean & Sweta Christian

At Amardeep Hospital I am writing down my experience, hospitality of the staff and my 10 days stay.

First of all would like to say about Anirudh sir and Amar Sir, truely both have... Read More

Chitra Nagar

I am Chitra Nagar, Mother of a 2.5  year old Son “Vatsal”.
My son, born in 2013 Jan , had issues with an inguinal hernia when he was 1 month old.
The... Read More

Kiran Prajapati

It was hard to believe as parents that our 75 days old son is diagnosed with Hirschsprung disease and needs to be operated sooner the better.

We consulted many pediatric surgeons in Ahmedabad, but... Read More

Salim Al Musalhi
Al Wasel – Bdyai, Oman

Our son Said Al-Musalhi had been diagnosed to have a cyst in the right side of the chest before he was born at Oman. The doctors did scans after his birth and... Read More

Um Qais
Sultanate of Oman Muscat

I am Um Qais from Oman I would like to tell about my experience in Amardeep Children Hospital, Ahmedabad, India .

My son had been diagnosed with non functioning of... Read More

Mr. Altaf Baghtariya
Kin-Shasa, DR-Conngo, South Africa

My son Emon Bakhatariya was suffering from a very severe infection of his right lung. We belong to Kinshasa, DR-Congo, Africa and I got my son treated with many doctors and also... Read More