It is being 3 years we are doing follow up with Amardeep Children Hospital.
My son was born in Madurai (our native place) and had serious urological problem from his birth (posterior urethral valves). He had undergone a vesicostomy at birth in Madurai.
I was posted in Ahmedabad for my job and that is when we came to know about Amardeep Children Hospital. We both parents were totally clueless and agonized until we met Dr. Amar Shah for our son.
Doctor explained the root cause of the problems and gave us confidence that these problems can be solved in many ways.
Finally with his expertise and experience my son underwent cystoscopic fulguration of the posterior urethral valves and closure of vesicostomy.
After the surgery we could realize the progress of the child in each and every aspect and infact doctor has given our child a life long solution.
We are overwhelmed that we have come to the right person and the right place.
We are grateful to Dr. Amar Shah.
Also on every follow up, doctor spares his valuable time and answers all our questions with utmost care.
One more important thing is that doctor and hospital management accomplish the ambitious target for their vision “Best child care in affordable cost”.
Surgery and accommodation expenses are very reasonable compared to other multi-speciality hospitals.
Doctor gives prescription only for the required medicines and avoids unnecessary medications and accessories.
Dr. Amar shah is highly knowledgeable and compassionate.
Other doctors and nursing staff are also very cooperative and caring.
Once again we thank you all for the support and caring.
G. Packiaraj M.Sc., Ph.D