Dear Sir,
I would like to express my greetings and congratulations to the great Amardeep Children Hospital for their distinct and Unique medical care and services.

I am Grateful to Doctor Mr. Amar Shah and his full medical team who processed my Son (Nivan S Chauhan) Surgery successfully with constant caring and support.

Special and heartfelt thanks to my nurses and staff for the nice treatment and Hospitality i received and who made me feel like a family.

I felt a lot different between many other hospitals and Amardeep Hospital, such as the cleanliness of the hospital, friendly treatment of staff and nursing to patients, modern equipment used in the hospital, and a very clean operation theater, so that the patient can get treatment quickly and well.
I once again thank the Doctors and Full Staff of Amardeep Hospital. who with his hard work quickly healed my Son.
Heartfelt Thanks and Regards,
Spandan S Chauhan