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We would like to extend a special thank you to, Dr Amar Shah, Dr. Anirudh Shah, Dr. Beena Shah and the entire team at Amaardeep Children Hospital for your exemplary care and service to us.
We had never imagined ourselves in Ahmedabad, India but God in His mighty power and special way led us here.Our daughter, Weyi, was diagnosed with Hirschsprung disease at 10 days old and due to the severity of her condition, an emergency surgery was done. After this surgery, we were advised that she would need to have more surgery after the age of 6 months.

We were greatly distressed as parents to have a newborn undergo surgery and worse still to be told more surgery was required. We knew we needed to get our daughter the best options available to ensure she had a good quality of life devoid of more surgeries in future. Preferably one last and final surgery.

We heard about Amardeep Children’s Hospital from our Zambian friends who had had their son successfully treated surgically there with one operation for Hirschsprung disease 6 years earlier. We immediately made the decision to come because we felt that the hospital had the necessary experience and expertise to handle the major surgery that our daughter needed.

When we got in touch with Dr. Amar about Weyi’s condition, we were intrigued at how polite and responsive he was to all our questions and concerns. He was very decisive, reassuring, and confident about the type of surgery Weyi needed. This put us at ease as parents especially that we were planning to come  to India which is very far from our home.

In all our interactions with Dr. Amar, he never uttered a negative word regarding our daughters condition. He consistently spoke life into her situation. He also helped us arrange for our travel to and from India including making our stay at the hospital as comfortable as possible.Our experience at the hospital was equally amazing. There was so much positive energy from everyone. The members of staff were all so friendly, skillful and helpful. We had many rounds of staff checking up on us and our daughter frequently making sure we were alright emotionally, psychologically and physically and they all quickly grew so fond of our daughter.

The nursing care was exceptional. The nurses and doctors looked after Weyi with such great care, day and night until she was well enough to be alone with us. For the first time since her birth, we as parents were able to sleep peacefully a full night. This too was therapeutic for us as parents.

We also had the rare opportunity to watch the entire surgery live on a TV screen. Though tough to do, it brought us so much closure.  Having doctors that were open and confident enough to allow parents to watch them operate was among our major highlights of our experience at the hospital.

The knowledge, skill, attitude, care and empathy from everyone at the hospital made a huge difference in our experience. The surgery was successfully performed as planned, Weyi recovered well and was ready to go back home for Christmas!

Finally in sharing our story, we would like to encourage parents that may be in a similar situation. Children are a gift from God, If your child has special needs or requires medical attention, do not be afraid to take the giant steps necessary for them.
Share, ask questions, you will be surprised that you are not the only one that has walked that path. Where there is hope and there is help.

Our nest and our hearts are full. We’re heartily grateful to God for leading us in this manner and for using Dr. Amar and the entire team at Amardeep children’s hospital to bring about healing to our daughter in a way we could have never imagined.

Much gratitude.

Eltone & Sarah

Lusaka, Zambia